Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visit to The Boy Who Lived.

I had class for three hours this morning, then took part in THE Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour. Those two things took up an entire day! I'll be the first to say that I am not the biggest HP fan; no, I did not preorder the books or wait in line for seven hours for a premiere (although I did attend a few of the premieres) or draw scars on my face and wear black cloaks and carry around a wand as a kid. I take that back... I may have drawn a scar once or twice, and I definitely embraced the glasses for special occasions, but that was the extent of it. I am indeed a fan, though, and I really enjoyed the studio tour.

I am completely fascinated with behind-the-scenes work. I love learning about the little things that nobody really notices during the movies and that people are certainly unrecognized for. I couldn't believe how many people worked on so many different teams for those movies. Did you know that they created 588 different sets for Harry Potter? It was SO FUN to see the actual costumes and set pieces and props and backdrops and paintings and statues and animals and EVERYTHING. The one thing that would have made the visit complete would have been to have my little number one fan of HP brother there with me. The one who's read each book a total of thirteen times... I think he may have appreciated it a bit more than I did. The creators of that place sure did well, because I walked out certain that magic exists and determined to experience my very own fairytale.

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