Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Holler if you're ready for some summer nights!"

So, it's summer. My favorite time of the year. The other day my mom said "I definitely think you're a sunshine girl. You're happy in the summer." And boy is she right. I love bright colors and warm temperatures, and I love the sun to shine right in my eyes. In a nutshell, I could never get enough of summer.

For the most part, things are the same. Working three jobs and playing when I have the time. I have a really great group of friends from my singles ward that I love spending time with. In fact, we're all going camping up the canyon this weekend. Yeah, baby!

I guess there is one  little update... in the music department. A couple of weeks ago, I showed my favorite songs that I've written to my vocal coach, and his reaction really surprised me. He said, "Record them. They're great." Say what? And then do you know what he did? He handed me a sticky note with THE Ryan Shupe's phone number on it, and told me to call him (me? call Ryan Shupe?) to ask if he and his band (the Rubber Band) will back me up on the recording of my songs. My own songs. I can't even believe it! So at the end of the summer, when I've saved up as much as possible, I'm going to do it. We'll see how this goes! In the meantime, I'll be writing like mad and working to improve the voice and guitar skills.

On Saturday night, I attended the Real Salt Lake v. Toronto game with my dad. Dads are so, so great. For whatever reason, the day had been a little bit of a hard one and I wasn't in the greatest mood, but he asked me to go with him and we had a great time and really enjoyed each other's company! The moment we got away, every doubt and insecurity that had been on my mind was gone, replaced by his love and comfort. As I was thinking about it, I was reminded that that's exactly how my Heavenly Father works. All I have to do is come to Him, then go where He wants me to go, and He has a way of trading out all my doubts for feelings of love and peace and confidence. What would I do without my Fathers?

A couple of weeks ago, Carly and I stole away to visit George for a few days. Our dear friend, Mr. St. George. We "lied like coon dogs baskin' in the sunshine"... and that is our favorite song. We also visited the St. George temple to do baptisms, ate out a few times, played tennis, and relaxed. Carly had to keep telling me to roll with it, and to stop planning out every hour of the day. What can I say, I am a planner. I learned that relaxing is a difficult task for me... I think the purpose of relaxation is to relieve anxiety, but it's something that always seems to add to mine, because I could be doing so many other things with my time! But Carls helped me to chill out a little bit and showed me how to enjoy not having a plan. :) Oh, and we watched the Notebook. Twice--one night after the next. We're officially in love with Ryan Gosling. Thanks for such a fun weekend, Car!