Monday, May 6, 2013

The Dignity of SELF.

I've heard it said that once a missionary has a call, he/she becomes a neon target for the Devil to attack. Having been in this position for a couple of months now, I can say from experience that it's no old wives' tale. Satan has a way of finding our weaknesses and prodding at them. He makes us feel inferior and inadequate and unimportant. His goal is to make us as miserable as he is.

He's tried to tear down my self-esteem. He's tried to impose feelings of loneliness on me, even when I'm surrounded by people who love me. He's tried hard to make me lose my focus and my motivation. He's tried to attack my relationships. He's tried to put distance between my Heavenly Father and myself...

Guess what, Satan. You're losing.

Recently as I was feeling his attempt to discourage me, I found something that shook me to a very important remembrance. A talk by Pres. Faust reminded me that my nature is divine, and that my self-worth matters greatly in the eyes of the One who matters most. All I have to do is look to my Heavenly Father and He'll pour out as much confidence as I need. He'll help me to focus, to strengthen my relationships, to feel loved, and to love others. If I'm doing what I can to be close to Him, He'll gladly make me feel empowered and capable of doing His work.

"The dignity of self is greatly enhanced by looking upward in the search for holiness." -Pres. Faust

Find the talk here:
The Dignity of Self

This talk is a refreshing reminder about who we are and what's really important. I think you'll find it motivating. Enjoy!