Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brazil Happy.

I know this is late news, but Aaron got his call to the BRAZIL, JOAO PESSOA mission, Portuguese speaking!! He leaves December 22nd, which means that we'll celebrate Christmas early, then he'll really only be gone for one Christmas! Looking on the bright side. :) I'm so excited for the boy! And I'm also happy because now we'll be able to add/check off a hundred more things on our bucket list before he goes.

I've decided that if TIME had a taste, it would be the most bittersweet flavor in the world. Why does it fly by so fast?? And why do some days drag on and on and on? Why can't a semester of school go by as fast as the summer, or the summer slow down to the pace of the school year? It's a hard thing to grasp. Maybe it's bittersweet because I can't decide what I'd like it to taste like.

McCaye and Andy went back to Nashville on Sunday. You'd think it'd get easier to have them leave when they've come and gone several times, but every time they pull out it's still hard. I wish they lived close, especially now that Nash is just weeks away!

Kel and RC have moved into an apartment in RC's parents' home. I'm excited because it's about... 5 minutes closer to home. :) Even though I'm moving 20 minutes away in a week haha. A WEEK! Man, I've sure got a lot to do before I leave. Besides packing, I have so many people I want to spend time with, and I've still got some textbook/apt./school clothes shopping to do! Most of my friends have already moved away to college, and I'm thankful that I've had a little more time at home than most.

I'm gonna be late for work so I've gotta run!