Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hampton Court, Science&Fashion, Mission Talk, Les Mis.

Yesterday was the first official day I haven't blogged while I've been here... oopsies. It wasn't terribly exciting... we had class in the morning then went to Chariots of Fire at the Hampstead Theatre on Dreary Lane. Fun (and disappointing) fact: there is no muffin shop on Dreary Lane. Before the show, we walked around the Swiss Cottage Farmers Market just across the street, and I finally tried some chicken paella. It looked much better than it tasted, but it was still pretty good. After the show, I came home and accidentally fell asleep around 8:30pm. It was good because I'd been feeling sick, but I was still a little angry at myself for letting a free evening slip by. I counted the days up today, and I only have 4 evenings left that aren't planned out for me! I'm gonna have to start cramming a few things into the schedule.

I love the Farmer's Market!
Today was busy and productive. The group went to Hampton Court, known best for being the home of King Henry VIII. I think I enjoyed the palace even more thanWindsor, which is saying something. The inside was elaborate and beautiful, but my favorite part was taking a stroll through the manicured gardens. I LOVE GARDENS. As I wandered, I couldn't help but picture Jane and Mr. Bingley or Lizzy and Mr. Darcy walking arm in arm around the grounds, conversing about profound things and fanning themselves for air as they went. If I could live during any time period other than the current time, it would be the time of Pride and Prejudice because of the elegant speech. In Hampton Court, there were actors dressed up like specific characters from King Henry and King Williams' time. One artist told me that he would love to paint me as Minerva... "those eyes, those beautiful eyes... there is wonderful intelligence behind those eyes." He told Taylor that he could do wonders with her bone structure. Another lady told me that I had beautiful dark hair, but that I needed to curl it tight like hers if I wanted to be "in fashion." She said to relay that message to my servant. I wanted to ask her if she'd show me how to curl it without the use of a curling iron, since it would definitely come in handy while I'm here!

Hampton Court.

King William's Toilet. Comfy, eh?

William's "Music Room."

The floors reminded me of Chatsworth, Mr. Darcy's home.
This is the artist who wanted to paint Taylor and I. 

Gardens, gardens, gardens.
Pathway in the manicured gardens.

Royal tennis courts. 

Taylor and Caroline and I stopped at the Science Museum and the V&A (again) on the way back. The former was a little strange, but we were all in a crazy mood so it was fun to laugh at the ridiculous things and still admire the interesting ones.  The reason we stopped at the V&A was to see their new fashion exhibit. It was neat, and I accidentally snuck into the ballgown exhibit... I had no idea that I needed a ticket and no one stopped me from going in. Their bad, right?

Life-size model of Apollo 11.

A piece of the moon! If you're wondering, it looks nothing like cheese.

The neuroscience secretary in me...

V&A fashion exhibit.

On the way back to the flat, we wanted to get a closer look at the newly renovated LDS chapel near the museums; the same one that we attended stake conference at last Sunday. It's unlike any church I've been in. There's a statue of Christ in the front, and right inside is a visitors center. On one side of the hall is the chapel, and on the other is the baptismal font, which is often open to spectators while a baptism is being performed. We sat and talked with the sister missionaries for almost an hour; they asked us questions and I interrogated them about when and how they decided that they wanted to serve a mission. They shared some great stories, and they did all they could to convince me that I need to go.

LES MISERABLES WAS INCREDIBLE. Nothing will ever compare to Wicked in my book, but it was still very impressive. Every time I go to a musical, it makes me wish I would have been a MDT major. It only lasts a few hours, until I remember how much I love my major and how much I can do with it, but I definitely miss acting.

The days are going by far too fast. I'm beyond excited to come home, but I also know that I'll never have an opportunity quite like this one again. It'll be over in two weeks! I'm putting any and all stressors away and living in the moment for the next fourteen days.

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