Monday, May 7, 2012


To be completely honest, the day didn't start out all that great. I woke up feeling pretty sick and a little bit down, but still had to attend class for three hours. As Dad always says, "half the world works when they don't feel well," so i figured the same applied to me and my studies. It did help a little when the sun was shining in my face during my walk to class, but I may have cursed myself and everyone else by joking that it was going to be rainy and overcast again the moment we stepped out of class. Yep, I guessed it.

I found out early today that an essay (that I hadn't started) was due this afternoon, so I stayed home to do homework instead of exploring London. Luckily I was thinking pretty clearly and kicked it out relatively quickly, just in time to hit up the Westminister Abbey evensong service at 5:00. That place is phenomenal, both inside and out. I have a new appreciation for stained glass windows and sculptures and paintings. Every few minutes during the hour or so that we were inside, the sun would stream through the colorful high windows and bring them to life, then pretty soon they'd be dim again. It was also interesting to sit through the Catholic service; the music was beautiful, though I have to admit that it put me right to sleep. It was so pure and soothing! Is it bad that I plan to go back again when I'm feeling keyed up because it's an excellent relaxation tool?

The sun popped out once again for a few minutes after the service, and I took full advantage of it. I caught several photos of the classic London sights with blue sky in the background... It's a miracle!

Pretty good lighting, eh?

Meggy poo and me

London Eye


Meghan, KayCee, Kenzie, and I ate at Wagamama's, another London "must try," before making our way home. It's a favorite restaurant of almost everyone that comes here. Pricey, but delicious. It turned out to be a fun outing; Kenzie knows how to cheer a friend up. There have been a couple different evenings where I've been completely exhausted and maybe not my cheerful self, yet somehow Kenzie and I always end up laughing (about nothing in particular) until our abs are aching. She's just a very happy person and a very genuine friend. Thanks, Kenz!

KayCee and Kenzie


  1. I thought I knew pretty much everything about you...but I didn't know you were such a good writer:)