Thursday, May 3, 2012

Torturous Tower.

Today was our tour of the London Tower. An entertaining beefeater as our guide, we were educated about the cruelties that were performed in the area. We learned about executions of royalty and prisoners, torture chambers, prisons, proper soldier attire, and the stories of many individuals who witnessed it all. Stories of kings and queens beheaded for stepping out of line. Stories where loved ones' lives were ended and no one even paid tribute, because things like that were just a normal occurrence of the day. As interesting as it was, I found that I didn't have the stomach for much of it. The idea that humans can inflict such incredible suffering on one another is beyond me; I literally felt sick as we walked through the towers that displayed various tools for torturing prisoners. I don't know what else I'd ever be, but sometimes I'm embarrassed to be a human being.

Site of execution. There's a small pillow on that table... I guess if you're going to get your head chopped off, at least you'll be comfortable. Sick and wrong.

While at the London Tower, we stopped at a small cafe for a "hot cup of cocoa to warm us up from head to toe..." because the weather was all sorts of cold and miserable today. The sky was dark grey, and even when it wasn't raining there was a cold mist blowing in our faces and freezing our fingers. The cafe was warm and homey, so we snuck our snacks in and enjoyed visiting with each other and obsessing over chocolate Kinder eggs.

I've been slacking a bit this week on my paper-writing and reading, so tonight is being dedicated to doing just that. Writing a review and reading As You Like It. What a night, huh? Homework really shouldn't exist in London. 

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