Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Just "As I Like It."

The V&A museum didn't last long this morning for those of us who had been there and done that. However, I really enjoyed the one exhibit I had somehow missed the first time around: the theatre exhibit. It had some great costumes and mini stage models and such, my favorite being the fascinating costumes from The Lion King musical.

Kind of like YMCA... but just V&A....

Lion King costumes

A few of us headed to Primark with a few things on our shoppings lists, most of us leaving the store with  bags full of items not on those lists. Isn't that how it always happens? We had fun spending time in that crazy place that, at any given moment, is at least five times more crowded than Disneyland. Dad, I think it's safe to say that you would never set foot in that place. I finally broke down and bought a soft blanket and a hoodie, but was unsuccessful in finding a good pair of rain boots. Those will have to wait.

Oh Taylor.

A sample of the Primark craziness.

The shopping spree continued on the way home as we all realized that we were in need of a few groceries. Again, we left the store with too many bags full of items not on our lists. But we had a good time shopping at the giant Tesco Metro and finding all kinds of things to our liking, i.e. an entire wall shelved with gluten-free goodness. I've never been so happy to greet a wall in my life.

Caroline and I decided that we didn't want to sit around the flat when the sun was shining outside, so we set off for another adventure after putting away our groceries. We explored a few different tube stops, then decided to stroll around St. James Park for a while. That was an excellent decision. The part was beautiful! We walked and talked, sat in some lawn chairs that we soon found out were not free to the general public, watched a girl get attacked by the same bird repeatedly, took pictures and admired the pretty views on all sides of us, sat on a bench right off of the path and read books on our kindles, and laughed at the funny sight of ducks running for their lives across the water like airplanes landing on a runway. The little outing was extremely relaxing and extremely enjoyable. Simple and satisfying.

The two of us left the park with plenty of time to spare, and headed to the little Lion and Unicorn Theatre across town. We located the theatre, went on a failure of a gluten-free dinner hunt, then went back for our showing of As You Like It (during which we may or may not have gawked and drooled over the beautiful Orlando, the main character of the play).

The long day continued as several of us goofed off on the subway home (making it all too obvious that we are very American) and decided to stop for a crepe last minute. Because I ran into the crepe shop as it was closing, the nice Italian man agreed to make me a take-out banana and nutella crepe. As he made it, he kept saying in his funny accent, "we are closed; you are very very lucky. It is your lucky day" and I thanked him, time and time again. Because he would only make one, we passed the crepe around and shared it on the walk home. Kenz and I then walked Kyla back to her station and finally made our way back to the flat for the night. And then I stayed up two more hours reading and blogging. WHAT A DAY. What a very very good long day.


  1. Holy smokes that is one jam packed day! I am so glad that it was a "very very good long day" though :) You are missed in America but I am happy that London is treating you to the finest attractions filled with memorable moments!

    1. Thanks, Kris!! Thanks for reading my blog and fb stalking me and sending me sweet emails! LOVE YOU!