Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pioneer Children.

The tube line we used to get to church last Sunday was closed today, so we had to try to a new route. The result? Catastrophe. We got lost, at least four times over. We took several buses after the long tube ride, asking several people for directions along the way, each pointing us in a direction far off from our destination. I literally couldn't help myself from singing the primary song Pioneer Children as we "walked and walked and walked and walked... and walked." We missed sacrament meeting but made it in time to help in primary and nursery. I fell asleep while playing with the nursery children. How does a person do that? Pretty darn embarrassing. On the way home, we got lost again.

As miserable as I just made that sound, there were a few enjoyable parts along the way. As we walked to the church, I fell behind the group a bit so that I could hear myself think a little more clearly. I thought about several things (all at once, like usual--call it a talent or a curse) that've been at the forefront of my mind lately. I thought about my family. When I get home, we're all going to be together in the same state again, at least for a few days. I am so excited. Not just the kind of excited that makes you smile, but the kind that turns your stomach upside down every time you think about it. I haven't seen my sisters in what feels like years! I can hardly wait the five weeks to play with the twins and help out at home as much as I can. I am very very grateful for the close relationship that I have to each of my family members. I also spent some time thinking about a mission, weighing out pros and cons like I do every day without fail. It's a big decision! Before I left, I told my mom that these seven weeks would be great prep for my eighteen months in some crazy place serving the Lord. The other day when we were skyping, she mentioned something about the mission and I said "oh yeah, don't worry about it. I'm not going." And today, I'm back to square one. Undecided. Being far away is helping though, slowly but surely, because I'm spending my time making up my own opinion rather than asking for advice and counsel from everyone I come in contact with.

I'm off to our little Sunday night group devotional. More to come tomorrow.

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