Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Utah smiles.

Just got back from Matilda the Musical with the whole group. It had some of the greatest special effects I've ever seen, but I'd have to say that I wasn't crazy about the production as a whole. It wasn't the Matilda story I know and love, but it was still enjoyable. I think it's hard to find something that's not at all entertaining when it's being performed in an incredible theatre with professional actors. After the show, we strolled around Covent Gardens, then got some pizza and gelato on our way out. It's a dang good thing we're walking so many miles each day.

Today was a bit more relaxed, with some extra time to spend getting organized and finishing up homework. I did, however, visit the V&A museum with Brittany and Janessa. It was definitely interesting (in the strange sense of the word) with lots of naked folks and whatnot, but I found the European exhibit very interesting (in the fascinating sense of the word). There was also an unbelievable jewelry collection from past royalty of different countries... I really wish I would've been allowed to take photos in that exhibit. To make museums more intriguing, I've started playing a game with myself where I think "if I could choose one thing in this exhibit to take home with me, what would it be?" This way, I'm constantly looking for my favorite things and in doing so I've started to appreciate the artifacts more. It's working nicely.

Today I realized that there's one thing about the city I just don't love; one thing that I miss from my home state. I miss my Utah smiles. Many people here are kind when they need to be, but they definitely don't go around smiling at you for no reason. They're all business. I miss the hyper-friendly people of Utah.

Before I left, I'd been doing really well at eliminating gluten from my diet (except for Corinne's chocolate chip cookies, of course), so now I'm upsetting my poor stomach by eating everything that is supposedly part of the London experience. It doesn't help that there are so many "must-try"s here... I don't want to miss out on the full experience! But as soon as I check off these crucial foods, I'm going to have to start improving my self-control so I don't feel sick the whole trip.

I'm enjoying myself here. Definitely learning a great deal every day--about London, about history, about literature, and about myself. Five weeks left is all I have left out here! Time is going to fly all too fast.


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  1. i'm glad i was your only gluten exception- i just got so proud reading that, sniff sniff.... :) don't kill yourself hon i still want to have a sleepover on your tramp when you get back!! :) looking good and sounding wonderful- let the good times roll! And for Utah smiles, i def miss yours! a lot!! Help those bloody british lighten up a little, your smile is big and beautiful enough for all of London ;)