Saturday, May 5, 2012

Portobello road, portobello road...

This morning we got up early enough to go Portobello Market before going to the Globe. I've never seen a bigger market in my life! It lined both sides of the street for at least a mile. Bright colors, people fighting through crowds, musicians playing on ever corner, cars trying to squeeze down the road without killing anyone, the smell of pastries and freshly-baked bread... it's quite the exciting environment. I got a few cheap scarves and a British flag beanie to block out the cold a bit. I love to experiment and see just how low of a price I can get away with when I find something I like; I pretend to walk away because their price is just too high and I usually hear someone calling after me saying something like "wait Miss, you're my first customer, so I give you deal!" in some cool accent. I do that at least a couple of times and eventually get down to a decent price. Normally I'm really not a fan of arguing or even debating, but for some season I am fascinated by this new game I've found.

We saw Hip hop Othello at the Globe. Oh my goodness, those actors were talented. Four men from Chicago wrote the script in rhyming rap, and the same four acted out every character in the play. It was extremely entertaining, but also extremely inappropriate... I guess maybe that was to be expected, being Shakespeare and all. Very very impressive show, though.

Bundled up, ready for the Globe.

We spent the rest of the evening sitting around the family room, doing homework, and giggling over nothing. Turned out to be one of my favorite evenings yet.

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