Friday, May 4, 2012

markets markets markets markets.

Today has been a great day. Really. For the first time in the last two weeks, I got more than six hours of sleep last night, and it's made a world of difference!

The day started out with one of my new favorite places: Camden Market. We left relatively early so we could have a couple of hours there, and I could've stayed there hours after we had to leave! Dresses, sweatshirts, scarves, shoes, bags, souvenirs... all for a great price. Not only was I pleased with the prices, but I also discovered the art of bargaining. Seriously, I would have spent close to 100 pounds today, and I spent 45 instead. Got a sweater of a British flag (it's cuter than it sounds), three black and white prints of London, a jumper dress, a London umbrella, and a couple other things. These markets could be very very dangerous, especially because they carry an enormous amount of things that match my black and white and red European-themed room back home. Uh oh.

We only took one picture at the market and the camera was zoomed in, so just pretend that the rest of our faces are included.

After the market, Taylor and Hadley and I went on quite the adventure trying to make it to the Globe Theatre in time for our private tour. We were told by a woman at the station that we needed to get off at the Westminister stop, so we followed her direction without much question. Turns out that that particular stop was a ridiculously long ways away from the Globe... we ended up running (literally) several blocks, taking a taxi when we were tired of pretending like we knew where we were going, and making it to the theatre just a few seconds before the tour began. No question that we got our workout in.

The Globe is gorgeous! It's really fun to talk about a place in all your drama and history classes growing up and finally be able to see it in person. We're going to have the traditional experience of being "groundlings" at Othello tomorrow; this means that you stand near the stage the whole show for only 5 pounds instead of buying a seat. It's going to be great, but awfully cold in that open-top theatre. Guess I'm going to have to buy another hoodie at the Portobello Market tomorrow.... dang it all. During the tour, we were able to watch a professional cast from another country rehearse Richard III. Seeing so many plays lately is making me really want to be on stage again. I miss acting! All the actors and actresses here in London are so talented and are very fun to watch.

Tonight Kyla and I met up with Katherine, Jaden, and Kaylie for gelato. So good to see them; it felt like a little piece of home away from home! I wish that our group schedules matched up a little better so we could plan more activities together. It was fun to hear about their favorite things that they've done thus far and learn about the differences between our groups. Oops, there I go again... apparently I'm in "learning mode" all the time here. How bout this: we had some great gelato, laughed lots, talked about men, and partied (in the Utah sense of the word) like ladies should! There. That's better.

It continues to be bloody cold in this place, so I'm sitting in the lounge room still bundled up in my boots, my running jacket, and a thick parka overtop. Isn't it May?!

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