Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sssunday in the City.

I'm stuffed to the brim. This evening the first counselor of the London North ward invited us over for dinner and dessert, which consisted of steak and Digestibles cookies. We've already been called to help in the primary, and have dates set to speak and sing in sacrament meeting. Yes, both. Why waste time, I guess... cut to the chase.

For the most part, today was very very cold and rainy. I don't believe I've really described this little basement apartment that five of us have been assigned to for the next six weeks. It's a nice roof over our heads, don't get me wrong. But it makes even the Elms look glorious! The shower's a 2' x 2' box with a shower head that touches even my head... I feel bad for the other two tall girls who have to use it. On full blast, it drizzles, so a person's gotta plan to either spend 30 minutes in the shower, or come out hardly cleaner than when they entered. By the smell of it, the lounge area must have a sewage pipe right outside the window. The beds are not much softer than an rock, and not much warmer either. The few outlets that are here have blown any voltage converters, meaning no blowdryers or appliances of any kind. Hence, the Tarzan look I've been portraying in every picture since I've arrived. But hey, at least I'll have some healthy hair when I return home. The kitchen is roomy and clean. And there's plenty of space for our things in our rooms. Despite a few glitches, I actually like it here, and I can always take refuge in the upstairs lounge when my toes start to freeze. It's an experience! 

The London North ward is really great to us. All my life, I've heard people go on about how "you'll always have a friend somewhere in the world as long as you're in the Church..." I'm not sure I really understood the significance of that until today. I was amazed by the familiar and comfortable feelings that a foreign ward could bring. The people in that ward are incredibly friendly, and I'm very excited to get to know as many of them as I can in the next six weeks.

The only picture I've got today is of five girls stuffed in a fascinating old elevator, so.... enjoy!

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