Saturday, April 28, 2012

All for a blasted alarm clock.

Today was a bit more relaxed than the last few, but still plenty eventful. The morning started out late again, with me still not owning a functioning alarm clock and all. But it worked out fine; a group of us quickly got ready and headed to Borough Market. The markets here might just be my favorite thing. I take that back... I can't get myself to choose a favorite, but I really like them. They're an awesome cultural experience with people of all kinds buzzing around everywhere and hundreds of little booths to explore and foods to sample. I'm looking forward to Portabello Road next Saturday.

Right next to the market was the London Bridge, which Brittany and Janessa and I had way too much fun on today. We imitated Fergie's music video of London Bridges and sang and danced. Yes, we got a few weird looks in the process, along with a funny man who wanted to dance with us... we probably won't try that again.

We saw Hay Fever today, a play that we had to read for class. It was put on at the Noel Coward Theatre (Noel Coward is the author of Hay Fever), which was built in 1903! It was beautiful, and it made me want to go to play after play after play in this city. It was a fun production with plenty of witty dialogue, and I really enjoyed it... until I had to come home and write a review about it. Still working on that. 

On the way home from the play, Kenzie and I still needed to find a blasted alarm clock, which turned into a two-hour event. Got on the wrong train (embarrassing), came back, took another train, stopped at Ben's Cookies, hit three different stores between two tube stops trying to find an alarm clock, finally found one at a store where you order items from a menu like you would at restaurant (so cool!), stopped at a two-story Tesco's to stock up on groceries, got creeped out by our ultra-friendly cashier, then walked home in the pouring rain and bitter wind. And now, my friends, I will be waking up tomorrow morning to my little battery-operated alarm clock which better work EXTRA well..... or else.

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