Friday, June 8, 2012

Cheers, London!

Most of the girls in my group either left yesterday or took off this morning. I'm staying the night in Kyla's flat, then finally heading home tomorrow. I'm excited to go home. I really am. I can't wait to see my family and dear friends, but I already know how much I'm going to miss Europe after a few days of being home. Saying goodbye will always be bittersweet, won't it? It's hard to leave what you love. But I've done everything I wanted to here. I've crossed off my bucket list items and so much more. I've been culturally enlightened, more than I thought was possible. I've grown a great deal here.

London has really become my home, and I'll think about it often. I'll miss the city, and I never ever thought I'd be able to say that. Success. I'm gonna miss these girls I've grown so close to. I'm going to miss constant excitement all around me. I'm going to miss running through big colorful parks flooding with people. I'm going to miss European treats. Who knows, I might even miss the underground system after a while. I might just miss the bums on the street, the druggies running around, the smell of smoke... alright, maybe not the latter few, but you get the picture. I'll miss London. But it's time to go home. I'm going to the home where the heart is; to open fields and backyards and mountains. To little roads and a single stoplight. To my favorite weather. To STARS in the sky! To friendly neighbors and a happy cat. To my favorite people in the world.

Goodbye, London. You've been good to me. Somehow you've managed to help a small girl find a few more pieces of herself in the midst of your big city. Thank you for that! I'll be back again; I'm not sure how long I can stay away from my European roots. See you again... when I find a rich husband. Until then........


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