Wednesday, April 17, 2013

8 reasons why finals week is actually not the worst.

There are a lot of awful things about BYU finals week. There really are. But by my 7th experience, I've noticed a few things that I actually enjoy about it. Yes, I said it. Call me crazy, but I secretly kind of like finals week. A little bit. Wanna know why?

1. It's completely acceptable to eat an excessive amount of junk food during finals week. The Cougar Eat and Twilight Zone lines are longer than ever, full of people making exceptions to their diets because, well, they deserve it. Extra stress burns extra calories, right?

2. During finals week, BYU's everyday pageant show is nonexistent. Grungy clothes, smelly bodies, unkempt hair, bad breath... this description fits almost every student at one point or another. It just happens.

3. Music is a saving grace. I always make a playlist of my very favorite songs of all time to get me through the week, and I enjoy them even more than usual.

4. The pink and purple blossoms of the campus trees come alive just in time for winter semester finals. The tulips also make their appearance. Big, bright flowerbeds full of them. They even survived the snow this time, because they knew how much we would need them. Just like always.

5. The smallest of successes are celebratory during finals week, and the smallest of kind deeds are greatly appreciated.

6. If you're a people watcher like myself, you'll find great humor in finals week. Students are insane. They run around like chickens with their heads cut off, hustling from place to place to place. (Yesterday I watched a poor zoobie sprint all the way across campus at full speed... with a severe limp of the left leg. Picture it now.) When they're not hustling, they lock themselves indoors, and don't come out for hours at a time. These hermits cause the library to exceed its capacity. They also cause it to stink like the smelly bodies mentioned in #2. Ok, maybe I don't enjoy that particular part... but hey, it's a little bit funny.

7. I like to push myself, and finals week is always a stretch. I like to watch scores appear on the screen in the testing center that I didn't think were possible given the circumstances. (Doesn't always happen, but it's satisfying when it does!) Things always work out, and it's a fascinating process to watch when you just can't figure out how they will. It's cool.

8. Most of all, I like finals week because it builds up to one big party the following weekend. Get your party on, y'all. We're almost there.



  1. 9. Cassie Joy Tobler is going to ace all her finals LOVE THIS!!! And it's all so true!! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and yes, I almost laughed out loud here in the library picturing that zoobie hahaha I love reading your writing, you're so talented!! :)

    1. Thanks, Rinney! You're the best. Love you, lady!

  2. I super love this post. :) So funny, and it's so true. #gottalovethezoobs

    1. Yes... gotta love the zoobs. Haha. Thanks, Meg! I'm gonna miss you!