Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Place

Find a happy place, find a happy place, find a happy place!

When I heard this quoted recently (Dori from Finding Nemo--tell me you know this), I started thinking about where this happy place of mine would be and what it would be like. A place full of all the things I love. Christian's would be on a soccer field. Taylor's would be chocolate-covered. In Amanda's, she'd be a Disney princess. My mother's would consist of gardening and black licorice. In Kel's, she'd ride horses and drink Diet Coke all the day long. Aaron's would likely involve a baseball field, country music, and Remember the Titans.

So what about my happy place?

Daisies and tulips and yellow roses. My cat, Dori (fitting, right?). Music of all kinds. My guitar and my own recording studio. SUNSHINE. Nash and Samantha and Sawyer. Diet Coke with lemon. Laughter. The beach. A picnic in the park. Football and softball and volleyball and soccer. An array of self-help books. A whole watermelon to myself. Peanut butter ice cream with a little bit of crushed Reese's on top. A truck. My family and my lovely friends. Denim jackets. Plenty of blankets. Cafe Rio. A bonfire in the mountains. And the biggest open sky you've ever seen, perfect for gazing at stars, clouds, and sunrises/sunsets.

THAT is my happy place.

What's yours like?



  1. Oh my... that sounds like heaven. Stars. the beach. palm tress. fireworks. basketball. baseball. football. volleyball. oreos. SUNSHINE. an orange jeep. or a truck. you singing and playing to me. a nap in a hammock. fresh mountain air to breathe. a porch swing. ice cream. lots of it- probably with oreos in it. being barefoot. views from the top of a mountain. That's happiness for me! :)

    1. LOVE IT, Rinney! Let's make it happen. We've got time.