Monday, August 15, 2011


When I was a little girl, I was a dreamer. I don't mean dreams that happen at night, in the dark, with a head on a pillow. I mean dreams. Dreams that push you to become something. Dreams that drive you to find your place in this world and beyond. Dreams that make you you.

Dreams could be thought of as a simple Mario Kart game. Obscure, yes, but hear me out: you start out with an objective, and you jump over and under and through obstacles until you've accomplished your mission. You save the good people and capture the bad guys. Each level is full of new challenges and unexpected distractions. At the end of every level, you pick up another dream, which dream becomes your drive throughout the next level. But you never beat the game until the next life. And maybe not even then. At times it's frustrating and tedious, but if you play it right, the excitement always overrides everything else. The rewards continue to stack up and your effort begins to pay off as you unlock new levels and slowly work your way toward the top.

I don't know that I ever realized just how important my dreams were. They were everything, and they still are. What is life without dreams, anyway? Now that I'm older, my dreams have become goals and ambitions of reality. Plans of action, always on my mind.

I have many, many dreams. Dreams that used to seem so far out of reach, but that are now becoming closer and clearer. To some, my dreams are fantasies, phases that will undoubtedly be forgotten over time. But to the true friends, they matter. It's funny how people and dreams are so closely tied. What are dreams without others to help you attain and live and share them? People are put into our lives for a reason, and I believe that oftentimes, that reason is to help us recognize and reach for dreams.

I use to be bothered by the fact that my dreams are always changing. Always in motion, always in the process of alteration. I'm reaching high and far, on my way to fulfillment, and then something happens that invites me, or forces me, to turn the wheel in a direction of something better. Even if I don't realize at that moment that the change will bring improvement. But more and more, I'm realizing that some dreams are put in our minds and hearts just to get our feet moving and lead us to new dreams. Like Mario Kart.

I'll never understand them completely, but I'll never stop trying. They are what they are.

What is life without dreams, anyway?


  1. You are so cute Cass! I love this! :) I'm sure you will fulfill all of your dreams, and many more to come!

  2. Great work of literary art. I may ask your permission to share this with others some day. You are one talented and amazing young lady.

  3. Thanks, Kels! And Bishop, I'd be honored. :) Thanks for all your encouragement... you're the best!

  4. Love you Cass. That's all I have to say.